Web Business 250


12. 09. 2015

Journal Entry #12

It was interesting to talk about links this last week. I wasn’t quite sure what concept we were going for at first,  but now I understand. I think with link building Link building takes time. I won’t try to complete it in 90 days or less. I would say, “Are you looking for an event planner for your special occasion?Look no further!” (Having the underline be the link.) I plan to gather my links from friends, social media, websites that are equivalent to my website and product I’m selling. Should be interesting implementing links!

12. 02. 2015

Journal Entry #11

My favorite part about this week was talking about Social Media Marketing. I’ve been studying this since the beginning of Spring and have loved every minute of it. Let me tell you what I think it means, and how I plan to use it for my website:

Social Media is booming right now in every industry. Social Media is beneficial to businesses in creating better a market, increasing web trafficking, improving the SEO, and generating more leads. This semester I’ve been reading the Social Media Marketing for Dummies and have learned enormous amounts of information that’ll help improve every business.

After doing a lot of research and reading, I’ve come up with some different tactics that I’ll be using with my website and further businesses. But first off I want to talk a little bit about different types of social media! It’s important to remember that there are different tactics that you can use for different types of services. A couple of my favorite websites I like to use for Social Media is Hootsuit, Buffer, Sprout. These will help with scheduling different posts, emails, etc. in the company. These services enable you to write one post and share them on multiple services like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I’ve also made sure to read the Social Media Marketing for Dummies new edition. I would recommend that book to anyone wanting to be successful. I also make sure to follow influential Social Media Marketers like Liz Benny and attend the webinars that are offered. A couple websites I have bookmarked were Social Media Examinar and/or Social Monkee. As for the rest of the information I’ve read articles and talked with multiple entrepreneurs who have also studied Social Media Marketing.

As for my business, thankfully I’ve been able to study a lot on Social Media techniques. First thing first, finding out your target is vital; my target is people looking for event planners and designers. My second objective is to find out when the best times are to post on social media. This is a huge factor when getting a lot of views and followers. There should always be one post a day and preferably at the same time each day. I would join any social media website you can. That will help you in the long run with getting followers and people to look at your website. I am planning on doing promotions when the holidays come. People love good deals on items or packages. I am also contacting a potential client this week to see what they think of my work and website and possibly lock down a internship or a talk in person to where we can talk openly about what it’s like to be an event planner

I am really looking forward to the next few weeks as I sent out a promotional package to a potential client and will be making a phone call later this week. I will continue to network and post deals as well as what is going on inside of my business.


11. 28. 2015

Journal Entry #10

We talked a little bit about SEO and Landing Page Optimization. I figured that my page would include a funnel to help customer and clients reach what they are initially looking for. I would set up a funnel: Awareness of the website, an Interest, and Sales. I would figure out what the customer wanted or is looking for, and add in what I want to see, then apply that to my pages. I believe that my website on my page is featuring what is promised in the ad.

11. 20. 2015

Journal Entry #9

It’s interesting learning about conversion and ROI. There are so many little things I didn’t even think went into creating a website. I hope I can remember all of this for future reference!  I chose to have my conversion button on my contact page. I would like my contact page to be part of the conversion because that is where you sign up to talk to me about the event.


11. 07. 2015

Journal Entry #8

I thought this was a little harder. I am actually not purchasing a website, as I’m not ready to dive into my career quite yet so it was a little more challenging for one of the listed requirements we had to do. This week we were asked to make a Google Analytic code that we can paste on our website, every page. This tracks how many customers/people visit your own page. I like it because WordPress has something like this, and I would like to track my website down the road through this. It was a great exercise and I look forward to learning more about it and implementing it in my own career one day.

11. 01. 2015

Journal Entry #7

This week was interesting in making an Ad for my AdWord Campaign. I decided to go with something that spoke to the customer:

 Event Planner


Because in your dreams, every detail matters

Creative and elegant even design and planning.

The focus on my ad is helping the customer look for an event planner, which the web address brings you straight to my services page on my actual website. I look forward to moving along with my website!

10. 31. 2015

Journal Entry #6

It was interesting to see what keywords work for the type of website you are going for. For me, I am looking more for people who need wedding planners or event planners.

A good keyword is a direct phrase or word used. For example, my website is about event planning & designs. A good keyword would be:
wedding event planner
corporate event planner
special event planner
A bad keyword would be something that was too broad. For example:
business event checklist
business planner
corporate event

10. 24. 2015

Journal Entry #5

I have really enjoyed this last week learning about LLC licensing and making my own website for my event planning business. It’s not finished yet, but here is a preview of the website.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.12.08 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.12.20 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.12.31 AM Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 9.12.45 AM

The site is now published and I have my own domain.  Natalie Lynn Events & Design events I am still editing and needing to change somethings so that I won’t have an issue with copy write, but I should be finished with the site as a whole by next week!

10. 13. 2015

Journal Entry #4

It was interesting to see what different web business ideas there were on the internet and what I found in the ad words to be beneficial.

I found that my top 5 picks were:

  1. Social Media Strategist
  2. Social Media Marketing Specialist
  3. Corporate Travel Consultant
  4. Business Consultant
  5. Prokect Management Career

I think out of all of those I would pick Project Management Career. I would like to do something that refers to:

  • Copywriter Editor
  • Project Manager
  • SMM
  • Creative Director
  • Marketing Director

Now how do I make a website out of that? I’m still struggling a little bit and researching. I was thinking of making an Event Planner website where I can show the following tabs:

  • About Me
  • Types of Events
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio
  • Contact

I would like to get into planning wedding events, and working in a team. I not so much want to own my own company but maybe partner with two or three others in a company. I’ll still need to do research and really take the time to plan out what I want to do with this website. I’m a little worried because I have little experience with planning events, but maybe if I made a mock up of the website I could include this into my actual portfolio. Considering I have skills in Vector Graphics, Digital Imaging, Visual Communications, Entrepreneurship, Web Creation, HTML, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, etc. I guess we’ll have to see!

10. 05. 2015

Journal Entry #3

It was interesting researching the different hosts for my website this week. I didn’t really understand what a host was, but I think I understand now.

When choosing my host I stuck with iPage, which is on the Top 10 hosting list that is the lowest costing host for a website. The cost for iPage is $1.99 and is unlimited. You get one free domain and the uptime is the highest rating overall with 1137 thumbs up > 1083 thumbs down. The overall score is 99%. Not knowing much about hosts on websites I would probably choose iPage.

I also enjoyed looking at the different site builders that are available and comparing them with pros and cons. I would still choose WordPress overall because I feel like it is simple and very professional. Noted there is a different between WordPress.com and WordPress.org when choosing a host. I would choose the WordPress.org for my website.

I’m excited to start exploring the possible businesses I can choose from and then creating my WordPress. I look forward to learning more!

9. 28. 2015

Journal Entry #2

I wanted to share with you my paper that I wrote earlier this week and then expound on my findings.

In the research I have performed I would say drop shipping would be my recommendation in selling electric guitars online. Amazon and Ebay, which are the top selling companies both, support drop shipping. Amazon is known as the “industry-entry point” for many publishers. This ease of use and broad products makes selling online simple. As well as Ebay being the absorption of “Pepperjam”, this network is well liked by many publishers.

Let’s first talk about the difference between Drop shipped and Affiliate Marketing. Drop shipping is a way to run an online store that doesn’t need inventory and you don’t need to worry about shipping the actual product. The way drop-shipping works is you start up your store, and whatever you don’t have you don’t get inventory for. You are able to collect money as if you were a regular store. Instead of you packing and shipping the product, you let the distributor know that a product needs to be shipped and they will take care of it. “The amount of profit you make is your selling price minus the wholesale price.”

The pro’s of managing a drop shipping company is that you don’t have to carry around inventory. The amount of profit you can make by running a drop shipping company is a lot higher than the amount of profit you will receive if you made your company into a affiliated marketing company. With online stores you are able to you’re your own prices rather than affiliated stores. But even though this sounds more enticing, the main source in a growing company is “word of mouth”. Cons of running a drop shipping store is that you need to completely set up a store front in order to receive credit cards and other forms of payment.

Now lets talk about Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you refer a customer to another business and you are able to take care of the actually commission from the customer. A pro would be that you don’t directly come in contact with the money, but that the affiliated business is responsible in taking care of the commission that they owe you for selling that product. You get credit for every sale. In affiliated sales you don’t have to worry about product fulfillment or customer support. You just get paid. A con would be if the customer did not receive their product in time you are responsible in dealing with the customer. Therefore you have to devote a certain amount of time in dealing with a customer who may not be happy. Something to remember is that when a customer purchases from you, you are not getting the long-term benefits. Question to ask yourself is if the customer will return to your blog and to the actual website to make a purchase. When people talk about the new product they got will they refer back to the blog that they found it on, or tell the person the actual website that it could be purchased off on.

With online stores, when someone raves about your product you will get credit for it and when someone asks about a product you purchased at a store, someone will refer you back to that store. Either way you will have your pros and cons about affiliated marketing and drop shipping. It depends on what you are willing to risk when deciding between the two.

I figured that drop shipping would be more profitable than affiliated marketing. Both types of companies feed off the word of mouth. What it would really come down to is customer satisfaction and how much time and effort you are willing to put forth in creating your business. I liked drop shipping more because the pro’s of managing a drop shipping company is that you don’t have to carry around inventory. The amount of profit you can make by running a drop shipping company is a lot higher than the amount of profit you will receive if you made your company into a affiliated marketing company. I would personally choose drop shipping over affiliated marketing.

9. 18. 2015

Journey Entry #1

It was interesting discussing the difference between businesses selling chess and businesses selling snowboards. I thought in the very beginning that selling snowboards would make more sense because that seems more popular but there would be more competition getting your company out there and noticed than chess. There would be a lot more money put into SEO and web searching for snowboards than chess. This made me think about the different business we are thinking about creating. Social Media marketing is becoming a lot more popular nowadays than ever before. There will be a lot more competition and getting your name out there. It’s the chances and risks that you have to take in to play to be known. But in reality there are a million more people in the world trying to make a difference. You need to decide how you will make your name known and make a difference.


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