This week we are figuring out what our small business will be. I have recieved responses for my business idea options and am deciding to continue my wreath making business I just started about three weeks ago. So far, I’ve had a lot of positive input and feedback from my wreaths and I have two people who have pre-ordered for my lemon spring wreath that I’ll have done before Valentines Day. I thought about doing Holiday wreaths but I think I’d rather focus more on seasons so that my customers can have their wreaths out for longer. My prices vary from $30-$35 per wreath which includes the material needed to make the wreath, wire/floral tape, and labor put into creating the wreath. I feel like those prices are very reasonable for the type of wreaths I’ll be making. I will consider having specials and I’d like to throw in a couple cute handmade thank you cards for purchasing my wreaths. I’m excited to continue to learn this semester and grow!

Until next time –


It was interesting these past couple of weeks to read about different business ideas and plans that my fellow classmates have had. Some of them I wouldn’t have thought of, and other’s were very common. I’ve been doing some research lately on what the best idea is for my $100 project and my big business idea. I’ve looked at different business plans and have come up with my two ideas. I know I will do well, as it’s something that has become more of a luxury lately that people indulge in. I’m excited to continue working on these two projects and hope to open a store front in the next 6 months.

I’ll keep you updated on the progress I’ve made! Until next time –


This is the first journal post of the year for B283! In this class we get to learn about others successes and failures in creating a business. I’m excited to create my own business. I shared with the class a couple of my ideas, and will be hearing back shortly their take and advice. So far I am leaning towards one of my business adventures which is floral and wreath arrangements. I already have some that have been pre-order and I’m excited to dive right in. On a side note, some other blogs that I have read so far included the “Penelope Trunk Careers” and “Both Sides of the Table”! I Thought both were eye catching as soon as I got on their websites. On Penelope’s I love how there are so many topics that you can go through and read! I also like how easy it is to relate to the topics she talks about. What I like about “Both Sides of the Table” is that it talks a lot about the business side and entrepreneurship! I think having an entrepreneurial journal will be insightful to have so that I can look back on the progress I have made over the semester.


I thought this week’s case study was really amazing. It went along with my interview with the entreprenuer, and in making a difference. Here are some of my thoughts:

Catherine Rohr

I like how Catherine was so honest with what she expected at the prison, and what she really saw. I think a lot of us feel like a prison is filled with crazy zoo animals, but in reality it can be quite sad. Catherine mentioned, “I saw a tremendous opportunity in these men to leverage their strength, to build them up to be leaders in their community.” She proceeded to explain how she helped these prisoners discover their ‘business plan.’ She had a lot of passion and devotion, you can just tell that she really cared for these men. It’s inspiring to me what she did for these people, who a lot think they don’t deserve happiness. It’s like giving them a second chance to be a better person and to live a better life.

I also wanted to talk about my $100 challenge. I’ve decided not to do paintings but to sell furniture and so far so good. I am excited for the outcome, and to donate $100 to the charity I chose. I love to make a difference, and I can’t wait for her to receive the money.


This week we talked a lot about customer service and how to provide great customer service. I went out of the way to look for a couple good articles that implement good customer service, and how to achieve that status.

  1. Add the extra mile: What I got from this was that you really need to pay attention to the customer, what they like, what they hate, and their personalities. Do they like questions being asked? Do they want you to tell them your opinion about something, etc.
  2. Assure the customer: Whether you like a product or not, a customer may really love it. Assure the customer it’ll look great unless the customer asks for your honest opinion. Then tell them kindly, break it down to what you don’t like about it and suggest a better product.
  3. Deals, deals, deals: Customers love deals. When they feel like they are getting the best out of product, customers will come back. Coupons are awesome. These can make the customer excited to shop, and willing to come back for more, or even spend more.

I’ve worked customer service for 8 years now. Customers are always right, customers are always first before other co-workers/employees, and be ready to back the customer up.

Texas State Fair Info Graphic

The Texas State Fair


The requirements for the info graphic were to collect data that can be converted into a visual form. Organize the data collected in a logical order, as well as use illustrator to create silhouetes, charts, graphs, and other representations of graphs, and design the info graphic that is visually appealing and informative.


I thought it would be fun to do an info graphic of the Texas State Fair, since it is the season! I chose this topic because I’m from Texas, and we all love the Texas State Fair! Some difficulties that I ran into were putting all my ideas together in the info graphic and picking the type of style I wanted to do. Whether that was simplicity, color blocking, or really bright colors. I decided to start over and focus on the basics of the Texas State Fair. I decided to re-think, what would someone who has never gone to the fair before, like to see on this info graphic.


I borrowed the wheat idea from the actual Texas State Fair website for Agriculture year. I created the Texas star graphic, that I really liked! Over all this project was interesting. I feel like it’s unfinished, and I could do more, which is what I think I’ll work on next.

Info Graphic

“The purpose of an infographic is to visually display a lot of information in an easily digestible way. This data can be collected from websites, databases, or you could conduct your own surveys.”

This assignment was difficult to choose between which topic I would rather do. I thought fall or something about Texas would be awesome. I first created this info graphic:


But I wasn’t super stoked on the color choices. I do like the layout but I’m not a huge fan of bright colors. I ended up with this at the end:


I’m still not happy with this but I’m looking forward to refining it. Feel free to comment on what I should do better at.