Texas State Fair Info Graphic

The Texas State Fair


The requirements for the info graphic were to collect data that can be converted into a visual form. Organize the data collected in a logical order, as well as use illustrator to create silhouetes, charts, graphs, and other representations of graphs, and design the info graphic that is visually appealing and informative.


I thought it would be fun to do an info graphic of the Texas State Fair, since it is the season! I chose this topic because I’m from Texas, and we all love the Texas State Fair! Some difficulties that I ran into were putting all my ideas together in the info graphic and picking the type of style I wanted to do. Whether that was simplicity, color blocking, or really bright colors. I decided to start over and focus on the basics of the Texas State Fair. I decided to re-think, what would someone who has never gone to the fair before, like to see on this info graphic.


I borrowed the wheat idea from the actual Texas State Fair website for Agriculture year. I created the Texas star graphic, that I really liked! Over all this project was interesting. I feel like it’s unfinished, and I could do more, which is what I think I’ll work on next.

Info Graphic

“The purpose of an infographic is to visually display a lot of information in an easily digestible way. This data can be collected from websites, databases, or you could conduct your own surveys.”

This assignment was difficult to choose between which topic I would rather do. I thought fall or something about Texas would be awesome. I first created this info graphic:


But I wasn’t super stoked on the color choices. I do like the layout but I’m not a huge fan of bright colors. I ended up with this at the end:


I’m still not happy with this but I’m looking forward to refining it. Feel free to comment on what I should do better at.

Identity Logo

The job was to take time to reflect upon yourself and brainstorm graphics and other ideas that would encapsulate your personality. Utilize social media platforms to survey peers. Create a Pinterest board with inspiring ideas of personal brand marks created by others.

The following link is to my Design Pinterest board if you’d like to see my inspiration: https://www.pinterest.com/natalielmuir/design/

First Round of Sketches


Second Round of Sketches…


My Initial Concepts…


I liked the idea of having the “N” as the center focus. I also enjoyed the wheat – I feel like it fits the farm heritage my husband and I come from. I’d like to utilize this logo on my artwork, my farmers wife blog, and with my interior decorating business.


I played around with the idea of having a border – as suggested by a classmate. I liked the circle but I wasn’t sold on it. I wanted my design to stand out.

Playing with the line uniform, I came up with:
natalie-gold-foil-logo-mockup         natalie-gold-foil-mockup

I liked the logos, but I wasn’t sure about the placement and line widths I used. I played around with these two logos a little more and I finally came up with two I really loved.

Happy Ending…

After 100 sketches, many opinions from classmates and a graphic designer, I came up with my final two.



Here are my two logo’s I picked. Very similar, but very different as well. The bottom logo is the logo I will use in my COMM 462.