Homemade Apple Cider

This was a really fun Infographic to make! It’s fall time here in Idaho and the leaves are changing! The air is really brisk and it’s time to sip on some hot chocolate or apple cider!

I wanted to make this Homemade Apple Cider Infographic for those that want to try it! It’s a lot more fun than store bought! The apples used in the apple cider are very important, so pay attention to the details in this infographic.




I came up with the colors from looking outside and seeing the leaves changing. I decided to make my own color scheme so that everything went in rhythm.

The apples are super important in this process so you’ll see them a lot throughout the info graphic. I looked at different apples through google clipart and designed my own in Illustrator along with the other graphics!


Refine Week:


This week was really fun as I went through the Infographic, I was able to create more details in the graphics!

I wanted to “spice” things up (no pun intended) and add some apples that had already been sliced, a little more detail to the pot, the cup of apple cider at the end, and changed the font to New Times Roman 14pt.

I really like the color scheme I stuck with! I think this project went really well.



Vanderbilt Ave Identity Design

Vanderbilt Ave was founded in January of 2017. My boutique business soon transformed into an Interior Design business as of last month. I had been needing a logo that would define my name as “Vanderbilt Ave” instead of just my name, Natalie. I needed something to show my style and type of design. In order to get the right logo, I had to do a lot of sketching…

I loved the “wheat” idea as well as keeping the logo simple and classy. I didn’t however enjoy the “N” even though that does represent my name well, it didn’t represent my business – “Vanderbilt Ave” well. So I continued to sketch…

I came up with a couple different designs and here they were:


After asking around and getting professional advice on my logo, I decided this fit me and my business well.





Here are 4 lessons that i’ve learned from this semester and owning my own business:

  1. It’s okay to ask for help! Always seek others advice, whether you take it or not is your choosing. But someone might know a quicker way to owning a business than you think. Or someone may not like exactly what you’re doing but make your proposition even better.
  2. Some ideas just don’t work. It’s okay to start over if it’s necessary.
  3. Marketing is key to any business. Study the techniques and master them. Posting images on social media are important – find out when you should post them and what hashtags to use. Find out what your customers are looking for.
  4. Have fun with your business!


This week I’ll be configuring all of my data, images, and business ideas into a power point to share with the rest of the “class”. I’m exciting to also share it with you on here! Stay tuned!



I kind of talked a little bit about my $100 project this semester and now I can finally reveal what I had in store. I just launched my website: vanderbiltave.com which contains rugs and pillows from villages in turkey, as well as apothecary, and floral designs – like my wreaths. Each wreath starts out at $25 w/o shipping. Depending on what kind of wreath someone would like I will add more product onto the wreath and the price will go up. Shipping is through USPS and is rated at $6.95. I’m pretty excited seeing that I just launched my site on Friday, and I’ve already got orders in for wreaths that need to be made soon. My $100 project was to make wreaths and sell them. My big business idea was to launch a home decor boutique online. I’ll continue to keep up with everything as I’ll be doing the Farmers Markets this summer in Idaho Falls, and then I’ll be opening a store front in Jackson Hole, WY next year. Stay tuned and follow along!

Instagram: @vanderbiltave




It was interesting to read “The E-Myth” book these last couple weeks and to take notes on things I’ve learned. I thought it’d be nice to point out some of those things quickly in my journal entry. I learned that as the entrepreneur and the technician of the company it may become difficult at times to balance the right amount of time to get things done, keep the customers happy, and win in the market place. I’ve learned that two heads are better than one when starting a business. Whether that be a Manager or another entrepreneur with the same dream, it is important to have two people in the game because then things can get done.

In the book they highlighted a lot of really good points and topics that can be talked about like the qualifications, management strategy as opposed to the employee strategy, the model of a good company, and the orchestration that makes a company successful. I do believe in the E-Myth book more so than just the everyday Internet access you can get to solve problems. I think there are a lot of good things to learn from this book!


It was fun this week to figure out who I wanted to interview for the Entrepreneur Interview we are doing in a couple weeks. I had a couple people I could pick from who have successfully started their own business, and are doing quite well. I picked a close client of mine to do the interview with though. You’ll get a glimpse of the interview next week!

It’s crazy how this semester has flown by. I’m looking forward to doing the franchise part of the class because I don’t know who I’ll interview. I’ll keep you posted on ideas though!

Until next time!