Inside Story Designs

8/30 // 9am to 5pm = 8

Today we worked on pinning furniture for the McCords Orthodontist office in Pocatello. We will be ordering furniture on Tuesday. The stores that I’ve looked at are:

Staples, Business, Hon, Human Scale, All Steel, Spec., Ballard Designs and Wayfair

We are looking for the “industrial look”. I researched chairs, stools, end tables, benches, wall art, conference room chairs, coffee table, stools, reception chairs, desks, mirrors, etc.

8/31 8:30am to 1:30pm = 5

Meeting with physical therapist in Rigby. Had a run down of things that are needed in the new physical therapy office, where they want it to be located, and what office furniture is required for this office.

9/1 9am to 5pm = 9

Worked on furniture for McCords. Had a new client meeting at 3pm. 3D Model Presentation at the Nelsons at 1:30pm. Picked furniture for McCords and made a spreadsheet to send into Kathy. Also found frosted french doors for McCords office.

9/6 9am to 5pm = 9

Work on spreadsheet. Meeting with Cooper & Josiah. Art theme: adventurous, mountains, hipster, maps, aesthetic, pnw, pnwonderland. Meeting with new client at 3pm.

9/7 7:30am to 5:30pm = 10

Meeting at 8am with McGary.

Kathy too the office from 5300 sqft to 4800 sqft. Physical Therapy office off of the highway with pool & huge gym. Vestibule, solitude, grass on the left side for training, and start putting equipement in.

Meeting at 10 for a house, Voltera.

  • Make a door over by the laundry room & closet
  • gas fireplace
  • large kitchen with 7 1/2 ft island
  • 15 by 20 = 18 by 17 bedroom
  • “man door” – door to the garage
  • mudroom
  • walk in closet
  • linear drain in walk in shower
  • over hand for direct sun
  • air tub
  • ridge lines for roof 18″
  • little door from garage to kitchen to shove groceries in
  • closet by bedroom = water heater and furnish
  • 6″ venting for fireplace

Madison Womens Clinic: nutrition, womens health, kids lunches, rest/exercise, back to school.

2 rods 36″ long, 1 rod 9.5 ft (114″) 6 panel curtain, 102 length. Color: oatmeal, stripes, and fabric is outdoor fabric.

9/8 6 hours

Meeting with Dr Hurley. Find a chandelier that’s 36″ in diameter (dainty and not expensive) & curtains.

9/11 10am to 2pm = 4

Meet wit Kathy to go over week schedule before she goes to Utah!

  • Chandelier: Donny & Marie Osmond store for chandelier, “mother of pearl” look.
  • No dome shapes
  • Crystal or unique
  • Curtains: Oatmeal & Pattern
  • Rigby: Physical therapy equipement and dimensions (go with the biggest)
  • Metal Samples down to the McCords dental office.
  • WordPress: gate city builders

9/12 8am to 6pm = 10

Rigby Physical Therapy Office

  • 30″ Exercise Ball
  • 64″ Treadmill
  • 27″ Recumbent Bike
  • 5’11” Arm Bike
  • 59″ x 42″ x 59″ Back Extension
  • 168″ x 127″ Leg Extensions
  • 84″ x 164″ 29″ Crossover cable machine
  • 65″ x 23″ x 39″ Free Weight Set
  • 40″ Rebounder mini trampoline
  • 2″ x 2″ x 84″ Resistant Bands (Vertical Wall Mount)
  • 9′ x 25″ x 41″ Parallel Bars
  • 6′ Inversion Table
  • 55″ 2 Flat screen TV’s
  • 41″ x 20″ Water fountain with water bottle filler

9/18 9am to 4pm = 7

Sent over McCords office furniture and the dimensions

9/21 9am to 5pm = 8

Madison Womens Clinic: Filing cabinet (staples) 36″ tall, wheels.

Meeting at 12pm with Physical Therapy Office in Rigby

  • second machine -hydrocollator
  • Move stairs
  • treatment table (mat table 4×6)
  • Add in mirrors to the gym
  • free standing sign “Rigby Physical Therapy”
  • illumination light – treatment room
  • Lights on building and columns
  • 2nd style (finish all 4 sides & pictures)
  • Cultured stone, fiber cement board, metal siding, and pool area flooring = forbo.

9/25 11am to 4pm = 6

  • Send in McCords office furniture
  • Playground equipement 14′ x 14′
  • Craigslist for authentic bikes – looking for bike handles and seats

10/18 12:00pm to 4:00pm = 4

  • Craftsman house (BMC for crown molding pamphlet)
  • Lighting for bathrooms
  • Furniture piece -cabinet with toe kicks

10/19 9am to 4pm = 7

12:30 meeting with Farmhouse finishes client.

  • Finishes for outside: Stone with larger grout/lime stone at Rocky Mountian Stone – pearl gray & timber wolf.
  • Added Freezeboard.

10/20 10am – 4pm = 6

12:30 Trent McGary

Meeting with Docter Hurley @ 1:30

  • went over regulations on the floor plan with the physical therapy office being built in rigby office off the highway
  • Moving the water fountain into the closet area and getting rid of the closet
  • Two hydroculators
  • Chest freezer – store
  • Check dimension on 55gal pool filter
  • “Master Craft Pool”
  • What is a gate trainer?

10/21 10am – 5pm = 7

Wendy and Jason Hurleys home.


  • No walk in closet
  • change private room to living room or loft
  • Jack and Jill baths instead of private bedrooms
  • Barreled cieling
  • Bunk Room: No built ins

Main Floor:

  • Bathroom sink 8ft by 4ft for each

10/26 10am – 4pm = 6

  • pick up canvases from Hobby Lobby (3)
  • Get acetone/acetait from campus
  • Look for bikes that are antique, wheels, etc. Track side Mall, Bazaar, Collectibles

10/27 1pm – 9pm = 8

Paint logo and doors with Rachel & Kathy

10/30 10am – 5pm = 7


12:30 Meeting in Pocatello

Logo: thin sheet of metal 5′ x 6′ (sand off logo on brick wall)

  • Social Media Wall (vinyl)
  • 7 and up wall
  • Branded background wall with hashtags vinyl, gold
  • 12″ bin table for hallway for 7 and under wall
  • Book prints (1)
  • Rodney White (5)

Consult rooms:

  • Frosted the windows (4 doors, and 2 halves)
  • Angle liner on brick and half walls in lobby with mbf shiplap painted navy.

10/31 10am – 6pm = 8

  • Research hashtags and Keywords
  • Find real would desks 30″ x 60″
  • Book page art (1)
  • Rodney Whites (5)
  • Greenery/ Freeze dried plants
  • Accessories
  • 12″ real wood/rustic bins table (6-9 bins)
  • Site plan for saddlecreek platt
  • Call place that is doing the benches and see if they do lazer cut

11/1 9 – 5 = 8

  • Wendy & Drew Voltara
  • Went over elevation
  • Floor Plan
  • (plantation shutters) valted ceiling & columns, faux beams
  • Pocket door, swing door, barn door
  • 36 – 40″ foundation
  • Forsegren – survey

11/3 11am – 5pm = 6

adwords on google SEO

  • adventure orthodontics
  • McCord orthodontics
  • Adventure Ortho
  • Braceface
  • Tingrins
  • Tingrin
  • Tingrinsarein
  • Miles of Smiles
  • Metal Mouth

11/6 1pm – 4pm = 3

11:00 Decorate Christmas

11/ 7 11:30am – 2:30pm = 3

11/ 8 = 11:30am – 2:30pm = 3

11/14 11am – 4:00pm = 6

Decorate someones house for Christmas

11/15 12pm = 1 (171)

Lunch & Learn at JRW

12:00 pm lunch & learn with Kathy at JRW

Talked about flooring

11/29 11:00 – 4:00pm – 5

11/30 11:00 – 4:00pm = 5

12/4 11:00 – 4:00pm = 5

Worked on building a house model in Sketchup.

12/5 11:00 – 4:00pm = 5

12/6 6:30 – 5:30pm = 11

Went to Pocatello to McCords Orthodontics office and hung a lot of decor and pictures. Then had a meeting in Idaho Falls to pick out appliances at Fergusons and counter tops. I’ll include some images!

12/7 11:30 – 3:30pm = 4

12/8 11:30 – 3:30pm = 4 (210)







Here’s where I gathered a lot of my inspiration from for this assignment mostly with my ideas “Apple Pie Brewery” and “Macaroon Chef”. There was a lot of energy put into researching the names that I choose and corresponding those together. I used a lot of search engines for inspiration like google, behance, and pinterest (to name a few!). This was part of the fun designing process!

I began by making a list of 20 nouns and 20 businesses or places. Then choosing the best three out of all of the combinations, I came up with:

Apple Pie Brewery, Macaroon Chef, and Sand Hotel

As the process began I researched a lot, and the images that I used as references are above. This was a long process! But fulfilling!

After the first process and getting feedback on the work I had done, I knew I had a little ways to go. This assignment was rather confusing and slightly difficult. I didn’t understand what was really being asked until I looked at several logos and came up with a few ideas myself.

I first asked my dad what he thought of my first three choices I was going with for this assignment and he replied, “Don’t think people want apple pie in their beer. I don’t want sand in my hotel room, being a chef that makes only macaroons seems limited.” Haha. But other than that, I liked what I had chosen, so I kept those three things. If I would of changed any of them I’d add in Timber Marketing.

I did a lot of research to get these different sketches. I researched anywhere from chef, to chef hat, to motels, and cabins. I did A LOT of research. I wanted to really understand the subject I was going for, and what I wanted to portray.

My next process was to dive in a little bit deeper. So I went to different people and asked them what they thought each logo meant. Here’s what I came up with:

My favorite is still the Macaroon Pastry Chef logo I made. I added in the chef so it’s more readable and its not just a plate of macaroons. My sketches I had done before weren’t that great but after I saw everyone else’s I realized what I needed to do to get the point across on these “logos”.

I made more of an effort to distinguish each name to the logo like adding the chef to the macaroons, adding the sandy look with the palm trees to the “sandy hotel”, and added more apples and apple pie to the beer mug. I like what I came up with and it was fun seeing what everyone else saw. Made me realize the points I needed to work.

As for my final…. At the very end is my final work. I’m happy with the images I came up with and I utilized my potential in creating logo’s that work well for the names as far as I could.


I was able to explore more on my logos and figure out different ways to portray them. I really paid attention to the details and wanted each logo to look a little bit different from one another. I really like my chef logo with the macaroons. I added in shoulders and arms as well as a button for the suit coat. I wanted my chef to look like a chef but not have the face. Kind of like a hide and seek effect. I also wanted to keep the macaroons the same because I really like the design in them. I tried hard with my sand hotel. This one was a little more harder to portray.

I added in some sandy spots as well as a “sign” out front. If i could of, I would of but the name of the hotel so people would understand what it was, but we weren’t allowed to use any text! So I added a little front that looks like a hotel and I added some curtains in the window to make it seem like a “room” and not just a building on the beach. Lastly, my apple pie brewery. This one was the hardest which was really unfortunate because I really do like the name “Apple Pie Brewery”. It has a warming feeling to it. Maybe because Apple Pie is warm. But I added the apple pie with “steam” coming up from the top onto a mug. I wasn’t quite sure how to portray this one and I feel like it was the hardest to design.

I would of picked something simpler, like Apple Pie Beer, which is what I think the logo looks like. All in all I think we all got a good grip on this project, seeing we’ve worked on it for a couple weeks now. It’s definitely a lot harder than it looks and you’d be better off choosing something that isn’t as difficult in the beginning. Like I said, there are some things I would of changed if I could of.


The idea was to take a package that didn’t have a quality design, and redesign that package. I searched all over the house to find something I could use, and I came across my lovely Flaxseed’s. The package isn’t horrible but I wanted to redesign it any way.

I searched all over the internet like Behance, Pinterest, Google for ideas on package templates. The original package that the Flaxseed comes in is a plastic bag. It’s not very flattering.

I wanted to use a packaging that gave the Flaxseed’s a sophisticated look and so I decided on a 7” by 2.5” package label, and a jar. I want to add a scoop in the jar, so the consumer can easily use the flaxseeds.

When I was redesigning the logo, I used this photo as a reference for the “Flaxseed” label. 

I wanted to keep the label simple but have it still stand out from the other packaging. I didn’t want the text to be lost either. I tried to use different size text for different significancy. The Larger text in the label is more important that the smaller text. 

I kept all of the original text from the original packaging but just changing the outline of the label.

This image I took last year in our corn field, and it’s a stock of corn before the head came out. I liked the “seed” look to the corn and wanted to incorporate this in my label as well. 

It was hard deciding what contrast to use for the image. I put the photo in a sepia but couldn’t decide if I like the image darker sepia or a lighter sepia. I have posted both because I couldn’t decide. 

I really like the outcome of what I came up with for this particular project. I think I highlighted the important text well, and made the title pop out from the rest of the images/text. 


This week I was able to refine my label a little bit more. After talking with a few other classmates I decided to change the background. I really do like the image that I took and how I edited it, but It was a little too dark for the packaging. I may still use it but we’ll see what everyone thinks.

Here is an update on what I’ve done so far…






I used an image that I found online. It had free reusable rights with or without changing the image. But I went ahead and changed the image anyways. I put photo in photoshop and went to the adjustments and put a “blue filter” on the image to cool it down a little bit, then put a 66% white boxed layer over the image to “fade” the photo.









After I added that onto my photo I decided to get rid of the border. I felt like the label would look a lot more dominate if the text was taken out of the box and the “flaxseed” text was a little bit bigger (44pt).

I wanted to keep a lot of the information that was on the original package because I felt like it was relevant. I kept the recipe, the message from Bob Moore who is the founder of the Bob Red Mill Flaxseed.

After hearing some suggestions on the color, I decided to change the back label color to something that helps bring the label out. I really like the gold effect and I know it’ll look good on the jar label.












Here is my before and after of the Flaxseed label:













Here is my last refinement along with my barcode! I really like how everything turned out.

Homemade Apple Cider

This was a really fun Infographic to make! It’s fall time here in Idaho and the leaves are changing! The air is really brisk and it’s time to sip on some hot chocolate or apple cider!

I wanted to make this Homemade Apple Cider Infographic for those that want to try it! It’s a lot more fun than store bought! The apples used in the apple cider are very important, so pay attention to the details in this infographic.




I came up with the colors from looking outside and seeing the leaves changing. I decided to make my own color scheme so that everything went in rhythm.

The apples are super important in this process so you’ll see them a lot throughout the info graphic. I looked at different apples through google clipart and designed my own in Illustrator along with the other graphics!


Refine Week:


This week was really fun as I went through the Infographic, I was able to create more details in the graphics!

I wanted to “spice” things up (no pun intended) and add some apples that had already been sliced, a little more detail to the pot, the cup of apple cider at the end, and changed the font to New Times Roman 14pt.

I really like the color scheme I stuck with! I think this project went really well.


Vanderbilt Ave Identity Design

Vanderbilt Ave was founded in January of 2017. My boutique business soon transformed into an Interior Design business as of last month. I had been needing a logo that would define my name as “Vanderbilt Ave” instead of just my name, Natalie. I needed something to show my style and type of design. In order to get the right logo, I had to do a lot of sketching…

I loved the “wheat” idea as well as keeping the logo simple and classy. I didn’t however enjoy the “N” even though that does represent my name well, it didn’t represent my business – “Vanderbilt Ave” well. So I continued to sketch…

I came up with a couple different designs and here they were:


After asking around and getting professional advice on my logo, I decided this fit me and my business well.





Here are 4 lessons that i’ve learned from this semester and owning my own business:

  1. It’s okay to ask for help! Always seek others advice, whether you take it or not is your choosing. But someone might know a quicker way to owning a business than you think. Or someone may not like exactly what you’re doing but make your proposition even better.
  2. Some ideas just don’t work. It’s okay to start over if it’s necessary.
  3. Marketing is key to any business. Study the techniques and master them. Posting images on social media are important – find out when you should post them and what hashtags to use. Find out what your customers are looking for.
  4. Have fun with your business!


This week I’ll be configuring all of my data, images, and business ideas into a power point to share with the rest of the “class”. I’m exciting to also share it with you on here! Stay tuned!