I kind of talked a little bit about my $100 project this semester and now I can finally reveal what I had in store. I just launched my website: vanderbiltave.com which contains rugs and pillows from villages in turkey, as well as apothecary, and floral designs – like my wreaths. Each wreath starts out at $25 w/o shipping. Depending on what kind of wreath someone would like I will add more product onto the wreath and the price will go up. Shipping is through USPS and is rated at $6.95. I’m pretty excited seeing that I just launched my site on Friday, and I’ve already got orders in for wreaths that need to be made soon. My $100 project was to make wreaths and sell them. My big business idea was to launch a home decor boutique online. I’ll continue to keep up with everything as I’ll be doing the Farmers Markets this summer in Idaho Falls, and then I’ll be opening a store front in Jackson Hole, WY next year. Stay tuned and follow along!

Instagram: @vanderbiltave




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