It was interesting to read “The E-Myth” book these last couple weeks and to take notes on things I’ve learned. I thought it’d be nice to point out some of those things quickly in my journal entry. I learned that as the entrepreneur and the technician of the company it may become difficult at times to balance the right amount of time to get things done, keep the customers happy, and win in the market place. I’ve learned that two heads are better than one when starting a business. Whether that be a Manager or another entrepreneur with the same dream, it is important to have two people in the game because then things can get done.

In the book they highlighted a lot of really good points and topics that can be talked about like the qualifications, management strategy as opposed to the employee strategy, the model of a good company, and the orchestration that makes a company successful. I do believe in the E-Myth book more so than just the everyday Internet access you can get to solve problems. I think there are a lot of good things to learn from this book!


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