This is the first journal post of the year for B283! In this class we get to learn about others successes and failures in creating a business. I’m excited to create my own business. I shared with the class a couple of my ideas, and will be hearing back shortly their take and advice. So far I am leaning towards one of my business adventures which is floral and wreath arrangements. I already have some that have been pre-order and I’m excited to dive right in. On a side note, some other blogs that I have read so far included the “Penelope Trunk Careers” and “Both Sides of the Table”! I Thought both were eye catching as soon as I got on their websites. On Penelope’s I love how there are so many topics that you can go through and read! I also like how easy it is to relate to the topics she talks about. What I like about “Both Sides of the Table” is that it talks a lot about the business side and entrepreneurship! I think having an entrepreneurial journal will be insightful to have so that I can look back on the progress I have made over the semester.


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