This week we talked a lot about customer service and how to provide great customer service. I went out of the way to look for a couple good articles that implement good customer service, and how to achieve that status.

  1. Add the extra mile: What I got from this was that you really need to pay attention to the customer, what they like, what they hate, and their personalities. Do they like questions being asked? Do they want you to tell them your opinion about something, etc.
  2. Assure the customer: Whether you like a product or not, a customer may really love it. Assure the customer it’ll look great unless the customer asks for your honest opinion. Then tell them kindly, break it down to what you don’t like about it and suggest a better product.
  3. Deals, deals, deals: Customers love deals. When they feel like they are getting the best out of product, customers will come back. Coupons are awesome. These can make the customer excited to shop, and willing to come back for more, or even spend more.

I’ve worked customer service for 8 years now. Customers are always right, customers are always first before other co-workers/employees, and be ready to back the customer up.


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