Texas State Fair Info Graphic

The Texas State Fair


The requirements for the info graphic were to collect data that can be converted into a visual form. Organize the data collected in a logical order, as well as use illustrator to create silhouetes, charts, graphs, and other representations of graphs, and design the info graphic that is visually appealing and informative.


I thought it would be fun to do an info graphic of the Texas State Fair, since it is the season! I chose this topic because I’m from Texas, and we all love the Texas State Fair! Some difficulties that I ran into were putting all my ideas together in the info graphic and picking the type of style I wanted to do. Whether that was simplicity, color blocking, or really bright colors. I decided to start over and focus on the basics of the Texas State Fair. I decided to re-think, what would someone who has never gone to the fair before, like to see on this info graphic.


I borrowed the wheat idea from the actual Texas State Fair website for Agriculture year. I created the Texas star graphic, that I really liked! Over all this project was interesting. I feel like it’s unfinished, and I could do more, which is what I think I’ll work on next.


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