“Ideas come from everywhere”

I really enjoyed listening to the video by Marissa Mayer,Google’s Vice President of Search Products & User Experience, and when she said “By creating an environment where ideas can be freely exercised, like a muscle they will likely get more toned and more in tune with the organization’s circulation.”

So i researched further about where ideas really come from. I found a great article on the website fizzle.com, about where ideas originate from. The article broke it down into seperate steps, and steps that you can implement in your lives.

It was found that a lot of people originate ideas when they’re running, traveling, jogging, talking to friends, and showering. Funny. I can see why doing activities helps the mind to come up with ideas – it’s because you are being active.

“Great ideas come most when you aren’t trying to think of them.” –

It makes sense to me. When I try and sit down and think about ideas to write on in my blog posts, i can hardly come up with anything good. I get my ideas from working out, horseback riding, drives, painting, and showering.

Caleb then gives you ways to implement those ideas which are the following:

  1. Generate
  2. Document
  3. Organize
  4. Cull
  5. Execute

From what I took about generating a name or idea, I found that it’s easier to think of names when you are in places that are filled with people, colors, nature, smells, etc. To come up with a good idea you’d seek help from friends and family, or look through the internet. To come up with great ideas, you’d again be active, and seek out things that are pleasing to the five senses. Jot down every idea you have, even if it’s not that great. I do this when I’m designing logos. I create somewhere between 100-300 sketches of logos even if they aren’t that great. Once i get my creative juices flowing, the ideas come faster and faster. And if they don’t I take a break, and go on a drive, or go hike, and find some time just to relax outside. Next is organization. “If your ideas aren’t organized you’ll never be able to figure out which ones to actually act on.” – Caleb Woicik

I’ve never heard of “cull” until I read this article. The next idea he mentions is to sift through every idea and trash the ones that you know aren’t that great. Then you are ready to execute once you have narrowed it down. I thought what he said next was brilliant,

“Here it is. The most important step. Without execution, ideas are worthless.

Corbett likes to bring up the Idea + Execution equation that Derek Sivers wrote about a few years back. (Take a second to go read that quickly if you aren’t familiar with it. It will only take a minute.)

We even talked about the importance of executing ideas a bit on this episode of The Fizzle Show.

And if you need help with executing your ideas, 99U has a great resource of10 Videos on Idea Execution & The Creative Process that you should definitely check out.

Take your best ideas and execute them. That is where success comes from.”

Great article don’t you think? I’ve learned a lot! Tell me what you think, and feel free to check out the website I got these resources from! https://fizzle.co/sparkline/great-ideas



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