Fine Art Print

This semester has been a lot of fun and I’m glad we have a couple more things we are doing in class! It was great hearing what everyone thought about each image, and which ones were their favorites. If you know me, I decided to pick……….. The cow. Hahah.






For the editing I used the Unsharp mask, Vibrance, and Levels for the contrast.

I took this image with a DSLR T3 Canon at 1/25 SS F Stop 16′ and ISO 100. I was actually out at the farm while my husband was finishing up watering and I decided to walk around and get some images of the cows and new baby horse! As soon as I started taking pictures of the horses, I felt a crowd staring at me. I turned around and 50 of the 400 head of cattle were staring at me! So I walked right up and started taking photos of the cows. This one in particular followed me wherever I went. He wasn’t afraid. In fact, at one point he charged me running into the fence. I don’t think he was a huge fan of the shutter sound. Amongst all the images I got, I liked this one the best.

Hope y’all liked him too!


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