This project was a little harder I think because I wasn’t as motivated to get macro-close ups. I’ve enjoyed more Aperture and Shutter Speed, and I look forward to doing more of those. But here are my four photos:


[Rexburg, ID 05/24/2016 2:24pm] Canon EFS 18-55 [1/4000 5.0 Auto]


[Rexburg, ID 05/24/2016 2:27pm] Canon EFS 18-55 [1/4000 5.0 Auto]


[Rexburg, ID 05/24/2016 2:46pm] Canon EFS 18-55 [1/4000 5.6 Auto]


[Rexburg, ID 05/24/2016 2:43pm] Canon EFS 18-55 [1/4000 5.0 Auto]


[Rexburg, ID 05/24/2016 2:36pm] Canon EFS 18-55 [1/4000 5.6 Auto]


New Images:

IMG_0149 IMG_0223 copy IMG_0247 IMG_8538 copy


5 thoughts on “Creativity

  1. Natalie, great photos! All of your photos were creative and exposed really well. Did you take them in daylight or did you have to use any artificial lighting? Another thing you did really well is making sure everything was in focus, thats something that I had a hard time with. Great job 🙂

    If you ever decide you want to get more into macro photography, here is a great link that gives more information about macro tubes. 🙂


  2. Not bad. I like how you had more than just the normal 4 photos. My favorite would have to be the cactus one because of the way the needles seemed to fade out and become blurry. Also the white spots where the needles came out, the way the photo was framed caused one of them to cross the lines to the far left. I really like it as well as the close-up of the water droplets on the purple flower.


  3. The cactus pic is really cool! I like how its not all in focus. I also liked your orange(?) picture because it showed a lot of detail. I’m right there with ya, these were tough to take! Hopefully we can all get more experience with this type of photography. Here’s my blog if you want to check it out: You can also check out my little sister’s blog too! She’s got some great stuff: This website is to a photographer that I really like, he does some awesome nature shots:


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