Depth of Field

    Deep & Shallow Depth of Field

My husband and I headed down to Texas last friday for an event we were having with friends and family. I was hoping to capture some neat photos – which I did! I had fun with both deep and shallow depth of field, but it took some getting use to! Both depths of field were hard to capture with an 18 by 55 lens, so I took a lot of photos just to experiment and practice. Hope you enjoy!

Editing: I played around with the contrast/vibrance on some of the images. NatalieMuir-Sign  Shallow: [Lantana, TX 05/07/2016 @ 12:34pm] 1/2500; FStop 3.5; Auto


Shallow: [Rexburg, ID 05/05/2016 1:02 pm] 1/1250; FStop 3.5; Auto


Shallow: [Flower Mound, TX 05/08/2016 9:30 am] 1/8; FStop 5.6; Auto 


Shallow: [Flower Mound, TX 05/07/2016 2:30 pm] 1/200; FStop 3.5; Auto


Shallow: [Rexburg, ID 05/03/2016 10:00 am] 1/500; FStop 5.0; Auto



Deep: [Lantana, TX 05/08/2016 10:00 am]1/125; FStop 5.6; Auto


Deep: [Rexburg, ID 05/08/2016 6:09pm] 1/80; FStop 5.0; Auto

This photo happened right before the big rain/hail storm on sunday! It was crazy.


Deep: [Rexburg, ID 05/08/2016 7:40 pm ] 1/1000; FStop 4.5; Auto

And this photo was taken right after the big rain/hail storm. Beautiful.

New images taken this last Saturday

IMG_0030 copy IMG_9414 copy IMG_9420 copy IMG_9433

IMG_9477 IMG_9399 IMG_9390 IMG_9371 IMG_9365


7 thoughts on “Depth of Field

  1. Wow! I really like your pictures. Shallow is my favorite to do. Out of these, I like the Book Sign angle picture the most! It looks great. I don’t want to be negative or anything like that, but I was under the impression we were supposed to take two shallow pictures and two deep ones. All of these pictures are great though. I really admire you work. If you feel like it, you should check out my page.


  2. Natalie! I love the picture of your cat, it’s facial expression is like, “really, your going to take a picture of me now…” It cracks me up. Also, your alignment is good in the image and it’s really draws your eye to the photo. I also really like your milkshake photo, very cool perspective! Your photo after the storm is beautiful, I love the colors and the silhouettes, great job!

    Misty had some really cool photos I thought you would like to check out, her blog is:

    I found this fun article for more information about shallow depth of field:

    See ya in class 🙂


  3. Wow, nice work! It’s always cool to see more pictures than the requirements, and you had some very quality pictures. My favorite was probably the strawberry and vanilla ice cream one. I’m also from Texas, so that kind of brings me back home a bit. The one with the blooming tree from here in Rexburg was also very good. I really like shallow depth of field and I think that you captured this very effectively! Here’s my blog if you want to check it out: You can also check out my little sister’s blog too! She’s got some great stuff: This website is to a photographer that I really like, he does some awesome nature shots:


  4. Awesome pictures! For some reason I got really trapped in your cat picture, there’s something about it that kept me looking at it for awhile, and I don’t even like cats haha. I think it’s the perspective you took it from, I was first engaged with it’s eyes and then I was fascinated by it’s fur in contrast with the white carpet – very cool! I also really like the landscape pictures you took. Particularly the one with the house and animals and the sunset ones. They are framed really well and capture a lot of natural beauty. I like that the photo with the animals seems so natural, the animals are just walking and that the clouds are slightly overcast – very beautiful.

    National Geographic also has some really stunning landscape photos 🙂


  5. This is the second blog I have seen with more pictures and variety than just the required amount. I love the creative perspectives of the shots especially the cat photo and flower pot, really well done. Another good blog was Bree Carrick’s which you can check out here: Mine is right here:


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