Freeze and Motion

I thought this assignment was a lot of fun, but also challenged my creativity. I didn’t edit a lot in each of the photos because I liked how realistic the image looked. I mostly played with the contrast/brightness, vibrance/saturation, and exposure. It was interesting learning how to take photos at night when it was pitch black. It was a lot harder to focus images when there wasn’t a lot of light. I will go through each image and explain what SS, FStop, Camera, and DTP was used. I wanted to get a lot of practice with different types of Freeze and Motion, so I added a couple more photos on here.

Frozen Water 



I tried to use continuous shots for this, but the photos ended up blurry. So I set up a stool in front of my vase, set my camera on top of the stool, and focused my camera on the pitcher. I then began pushing the button continuously with my pointer finger on my right hand as I poured the water into the pitcher with my left hand. I should of asked my husband for help.

I used a Canon Rebel T3 with a shutter speed of 1/500, 100 ISO, and 4.0 FStop.

Frozen Wild Horse



This photo was last Thursday. I wasn’t quite sure how to use my camera correctly for this assignment. I had actually used the Manual setting, not knowing TV was a lot easier. After playing around with it, getting frustrated, and googling “Manual Settings on DSLR”, I got my first image. You can see the dirt flying up by the front left hoof of the horse.

I used a Canon Rebel T3, manual settings with a shutter speed of 1/1000, 100 ISO, and 5.6 FStop.

Frozen Pigeon 



For this photo I was in the backyard and I saw this pigeon on the ground and decided to wait for the pigeon to take off. I was hoping to get a good photo. This was what I got.

I used a Canon Rebel T3 with a shutter speed of 1/500, 100 ISO, and 7.1 FStop.

Farm Truck in Motion



I made my husband drive past me about 15 times to get this photo. He was a good sport.

I used a Canon Rebel T3 with a shutter speed of 1/30, 100 ISO, and 29 FStop.

Lights in Motion



This is was exciting idea. Amber and I took some glow sticks and sparklers out to the sand dunes the other night. We managed to create some neat images. To focus the camera on the glow sticks we used a flashlight.

I used a Canon Rebel T3, manual settings with a shutter speed of 20″, 160 ISO, 2.8 FStop, and flashlight.

Dog in Motion



Photography Abby (the dog) was a little harder than expected. I had this idea to let Abby out of her kennel and have her running towards me as I take this great action shot. That didn’t quite happen, so as she stood there staring at me I made this shot. After pressing the button I turned my camera creating this circular motion.

I used a Canon Rebel T3 with a shutter speed of 1/15, 100 ISO, and 14 FStop.


2 thoughts on “Freeze and Motion

  1. first your dog is super cute!!! i love animas i had to leave my three puppies back home in florida :(. the picture is great the blur is cool and very well done did you use a tripod for it? the subject (Princess Abby the Dog) imperfectly in focus which i really had a hard time getting right in my photos. you could try using the content aware fill on the side a bit to put her more in the rule of thirds. but honestly great photo!


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